Building Regulations

3.04 How are the Building Regulations being dealt with, i.e. Approved Inspector, Local Authority, why was the particular route chosen?
3.05 What is the strategy for Inclusive Design and Access for All? Do you agree with this and how could this be improved?
3.06 Draw a diagram/ mark up the plans/ details showing the Strategy for Inclusive Design

Planning Permission

3.01 How did the project achieve Planning permission? Was it complicated? 3.02 Look up the project on the Planning Portal and view the Planning Drawings – are they being strictly adhered to? 3.03 Are there any outstanding Planning Conditions still to be discharged?

Contractor and Sub-Contractors

4.01 Who is the Main contractor? How is the company set up? What are your personal thoughts on the performance of the main contractor?
4.02 How was the main contractor selected for the project?
4.03 Who are the specialist sub-contractors?
4.04 Were any of the specialist sub-contractors brought in during the design phase?
4.05 Who are the suppliers of specialist products?
4.06 In the students’ opinion, has the work of the contractor and specialist sub contractor’s been satisfactorily interfaced, and if not what could have been improved?
4.07 In your opinion, is the architectural vision as represented in the architect’s drawings being made manifest through the work of the builders on site?

Time Lapse Study

5.01 Incorporate within the Site Diary a time lapse study of the overall project or a fragment of the project that demonstrates your technical understanding. This could be through a drawing, series of drawings, a staged physical model, an animation or a film. The sequence should be fully labelled/ annotated with a time scale included.
5.02 Consider how the construction sequence is shown within the site diary, perhaps this helps structure the information- serving as a visual key

Information and Instructions

2.09 What is the process and procedure for information and instructions going to the contractor? Is it efficient?
2.11 How does the Design Team share and Co-ordinate information and drawings? Is this efficient?

Construction Design and Management Regulations

3.09 Is the project notifiable under CDM? If so who is the Principal Designer and Principle Contractor?
3.10 Were there any specific design details that were revised in order to comply with CDM?

Site Meetings

1.10 Who are all the various professionals on-site and in meetings?
1.11 What happens in a site meeting?

Motivating the Project

2.06 What is driving the project? Budget: Programme: Quality – discuss in detail
2.07 Is the project on course to be completed within the contract period? If not why?
2.08 What are the penalties to the contractor if the project over runs?

Digital Technology

2.10 Are any Modern Methods of Construction, such as prefabrication, being utilised? If not, do you think they could?
2.12 Identify how, if any, digital technology is influencing the progress of the site?
2.13 What opportunities are there for digital technology to influence site operations?

Party Walls

3.07 Are there any Party Wall issues?
3.08 If so how long did they take to reach Party Wall agreement?

Architects and the Design Team

2.01 What is the nature of the agreement between the Architect and the client?
2.02 How has the Architect’s fee been calculated? Why is the architect doing the project?
2.03 Who are the Design Team? Draw a diagram showing the consultants
2.04 Who is administering the contract? Architect / Project Manager / another?
2.05 In your opinion has the Design Team worked efficiently together?

The Construction Team

1.12 Detail examples where the construction team has worked efficiently together
1.13 Detail examples where the construction team may not have worked efficiently together