Site Meetings

1.10 Who are all the various professionals on-site and in meetings?

1.11 What happens in a site meeting?

Weekly site meetings are for resolving problems or discussing developments with the design and project itself. The architects, engineers and site managers get together to discuss these problems and future plans, to make sure that the drawings are coherent and everything fits in place.Untitled-3

The team needs to make sure that work is carried out on time and meets the requirements of the contract.

For example, the design meeting we had a chance to attend, engineers and architects were trying to resolve an issue that accrued recently. They had to make a lift shaft bigger to fit the firefighting lift, and they were trying to find extra space in the core and explore the possible ways to change or move things around to gain that extra clearance.


Similar type of plans are referred on site meeting, the team are usually annotating and marking on the plans while trying to resolve the issues in most efficient and safe ways.


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