Digital Technology

2.10 Are any Modern Methods of Construction, such as prefabrication, being utilised? If not, do you think they could?

2.12 Identify how, if any, digital technology is influencing the progress of the site?

2.13 What opportunities are there for digital technology to influence site operations?


Unfortunately the main contractor and architects haven’t used prefabricated materials on this project, as in some cases it wasn’t viable. Research had been made into using prefabricated elements for the elevator core, services such as ducts and pipes, along with an option for using prefabricated stairs and lift shafts- however, these options didn’t match the structural requirements of the building.


ISG is currently using Cloud server to share plans and other documents with the design team and other important people who work on this project. Another great technology that was recently introduced to ISG is SnagR.

SnagR is an innovative Web and Mobile site inspection and defect management system. It allows site engineers to capture a photo of any snag or inspection made, plot it on drawings with a single click, and communicate it to concerned parties. The result is a fast and efficient way of dealing with snagging and inspection.

SnagR data collection tool that feeds your back-end systems with timely data captured from site.


Another innovative technology is QR codes. ISG uses QR codes on site to report near miss accidents to make the working environment safer. Workers can easily scan the code and send an email straight to ISG with notices and suggestions.



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  1. Ray says:

    Interesting use of technology especially with regard to defect resolution.


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