Party Walls

3.07 Are there any Party Wall issues?

3.08 If so how long did they take to reach Party Wall agreement?

ISG and the Hilton hotel had quite few concerns about party walls before they could start working on the site. The first thing was they had to provide detailed plans and methodology, make design calculations, how they are going to demolish the current structure and proceed with the piling work, monitor the site for movement, and carry out a condition survey.

Demolition plan

The second concern was covering the gaps where two buildings will join. They had to agree how they are going to treat the junctions and agree to do some work for the neighbouring wall. They had to make sure to do a proper flashing and seal the two buildings and make a water tight seal


Party wall, where Walsingham house and Hilton hotel joins together

At this time they are still undergoing legal discussions about the party wall agreement.


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  1. Kate says:

    So what exactly is a party wall? Other than that this is quite interesting stuff


    1. A party wall is a wall that is shared between two adjoining buildings.


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