Building Regulations

3.04 How are the Building Regulations being dealt with, i.e. Approved Inspector, Local Authority, why was the particular route chosen?

3.05 What is the strategy for Inclusive Design and Access for All? Do you agree with this and how could this be improved?

3.06 Draw a diagram/ mark up the plans/ details showing the Strategy for Inclusive Design

Building regulations being dealt with via an approved inspector and independently appointed consultant. It makes the process easier and quicker to review works and approve them.

Inclusive access strategy is being used primarily for the entrance. The current entrance design from the 1930s has reduced accessibility, so the architects designed an entrance at the same level as the outside pavement (with and a lift to every level of the building. They created modern disabled toilets with exact specifications approved by government standards.



Rear public entrance has major concerns about the security, therefore they are planning to tackle this issue by installing buzzer system on the door. Each tenant will have an access card, that will allow them to enter only to the specific floors, and that will ensure safer environment for building users.


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