Information and Instructions

2.09 What is the process and procedure for information and instructions going to the contractor? Is it efficient?

2.11 How does the Design Team share and Co-ordinate information and drawings? Is this efficient?

Information and instructions infographic

By incorporating a company wide communication system, any information or instruction is shared not just with the contractor, but also many different teams that are working on the same project. This helps keep all teams and departments coordinated, as they can simultaneously be informed- which allows for a smoother collaboration between large groups.

Allowing the client, contractor and architect to contribute at any time to this software ensures that everyone is kept informed and update with any changes in the project, and whether the design requires updating. Utilizing a computer software also has the added benefit of instant information sharing and decision-making, along with an archive to track previous decisions, instructions or information. However, allowing many different departments to all voice an opinion on any amendments can slow down proceedings, as any drawings or schedules may have to be changed and improved multiple times before everyone involved is satisfied- although this does make for thorough decision-making.


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