Planning Permission

3.01 How did the project achieve Planning permission? Was it complicated?

3.02 Look up the project on the Planning Portal and view the Planning Drawings – are they being strictly adhered to?

3.03 Are there any outstanding Planning Conditions still to be discharged?

The process of receiving planning permission for the Walsingham House proposal is straightforward but very thorough. Initially the proposal underwent a pre-application consultation, in which the design team met with the local authority (City of London council) to discuss the finer details of the proposal and make sure that the design didn’t conflict with the local authority’s own interests (i.e. concerns with the building’s mass, height, and impact on the nearby Trinity Square conservation area). The discussions during these consultations ensures that the prospective planning application submission sticks to the intended programme and satisfies the local authority’s concerns, which improves the likelihood of the application being accepted.

Trinity Square Conservation Area

For the most part the planning drawings are being adhered to, with the only amendments occurring in the form of non-material changes. These changes include aspects such as internal layouts, and ensuring that particular elements of the building, such as the main entrance and the bay windows, comply with the necessary building regulations.


The only outstanding planning conditions relate to samples of external fittings that the planning authorities need to inspect. These include furnishings such as the stair balustrade, metal flashing for the windows, the cycle spaces and adjoining bike racks, as well as the stonework that covers the building’s exterior- these can only be discharged once the drawings for each of these elements, along with the sample, are completed.


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