Thank You

5.03 Complete the Site Diary Submission with a copy of a letter or email to those that have given you their time and assisted you, outlining to them what you have learnt. If it is appropriate offer to share with them your Site Diary submission

The following email was sent to Paul Webster, ISG’s project director for Walsingham House, who responded to our request for a site for the site diary module and coordinated the subsequent meetings and tours that followed.

Dear Paul Webster,

Remigijus Sliakonis and myself would like to express our sincere thanks to you and ISG for agreeing to let us use Walsingham House as the location of our Site Diary.

As Architecture Students at Westminster University we felt that this project and location was an ideal fit for our brief, and we’re especially grateful that you’ve accommodated our request to work with yourself and the ISG team. We were particularly interested by your informative tour of the site and the time taken to explain the detailed workings of the project. We feel privileged to have met the design team and to be included in design meetings with John Robertson Architects, which we found so useful.

We have now completed our project work and the diary is now ready for view and can be found on

The encouragement, time and effort you and your team have contributed to this has been greatly appreciated by us both.

Kind regards,

Robert Siggins and Remigijus Sliakonis


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