Site Diary Brief

4ARC528 / TS 2B – Site Diary_16/17_DRAFT_E



  • Witness, record and speculate on the Architect’s role in the construction process


  • This module introduces students to the construction site and the site team. Students select a building site to visit on a regular basis through direct consultation with the job architect(s) and /or contractor.

Building Sites:

  • You are expected to find a local building site for the purpose of this module and to work in a pair.
  • Make contact with the site foreman/manager, and try to find out whom the Job Architect or Project Manager is.

Site Diary:

  • An overview of the construction project addressing key questions delivered in the lecture series through graphics, text and sketches.
  • A structured photo-journal documenting the progress of works during the period of observation addressing a list of set questions.
  • The Site Diary should include an appraisal of the project in terms of Inclusive Design and the use of Digital Technology.
  • The Diary should include a time lapse study of part of the building construction sequence, either through a series of drawings, model or animation- scale and exact subject to be agreed with Technical staff.
Walsingham House office fit out refurb – ISG