Architects and the Design Team

2.01 What is the nature of the agreement between the Architect and the client?
2.02 How has the Architect’s fee been calculated? Why is the architect doing the project?
2.03 Who are the Design Team? Draw a diagram showing the consultants
2.04 Who is administering the contract? Architect / Project Manager / another?
2.05 In your opinion has the Design Team worked efficiently together?

The Construction Team

1.12 Detail examples where the construction team has worked efficiently together
1.13 Detail examples where the construction team may not have worked efficiently together

John Robertson Architects and their role in the project

1.07 What is the architect’s appointment and role on the whole project?
1.08 What is the architect’s role whilst the project is on site? Is it effective?
1.09 What documents and drawings are being referred to on-site and in meetings?

About The Walsingham House Site

1.01 Where is the site, what is the purpose of the building?
1.02 How did the project originate? Who is the client?
1.03 What is the business framework for the project, what makes it financially viable?
1.04 What is the contract value of the project? What is the time scale?
1.05 Who are the key professionals and companies involved in the project?
1.06 Draw a diagram of the basic contractual relationships of the project.

Risk Assessment

University of Westminster Risk Assessment Form for the Walsingham House site diary project.